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S.No. Tax Type Category Subject Number Date
1    Miscellaneous Acceptance of resignation letter of 63rd batch BFS Officers Notification No.-1710 18/09/2020
2    Miscellaneous Extension of deputation period of Shri Praveen Kumar, DCST on the post of Assistant Vice President, GSTN, New Delhi Notification No.-1716 18/09/2020
3    Miscellaneous Transfer & Posting of Probationary ACST dated 11.09.2020 Notification No.-1666 11/09/2020
4    Miscellaneous Deputation of Shri Sanjay Kumar,JCST Notification No.-1665 11/09/2020
5  Goods and Services Tax  BGST BGST Rules 10th Amendment of 2020 SO-160 02/09/2020
6  Goods and Services Tax  BGST Change in State Level Screening Committee SO-159 02/09/2020
7  Goods and Services Tax  BGST Change in Bihar Advance Ruling Authority SO-158 02/09/2020
8    Miscellaneous Deputation of Shri Sharat Chandra, Additional Commissioner of State Tax on the post of member,Commercial Tax Tribunal Notification No.-1553 02/09/2020
9    Miscellaneous Reliving of shri Baldeo Choudhary,ACST Notification No.- 1511 27/08/2020
10    Miscellaneous Relieving of Shri Prem Kumar, ACST, Darbhanga Circle, Darbhanga Notification No.-1452 26/08/2020
11  Goods and Services Tax  BGST BGST Act- 2nd Amendment of 2020 LG-01-15/2020/4370 & 4371/LEG 1 21/08/2020
12  Goods and Services Tax  BGST Time period extended to pass & order under section 54(7) SO-154 21/08/2020
13  Goods and Services Tax  BGST BGST Rules 8th Amendment of 2020 SO-147 21/08/2020
14  Goods and Services Tax  BGST BGST Rules 7th Amendment of 2020 SO-148 21/08/2020
15  Goods and Services Tax  BGST due date for GSTR-3B of August,2020 extended for GTO upto 5 crores SO-152 21/08/2020