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S.No. Tax Type Category Subject Number Date
1    Miscellaneous Appointment Letter for 56th to 59th Batch of BFS Cadre Notification No.- 7082 12/12/2018
2  Goods and Services Tax  BGST Regarding deduction of source(TDS) at the time of payment to any Contractor / supplier from Date 01.10.2018 under Bihar Goods and Services Tax Act 2017 letter No.- 6067 07/12/2018
3  Goods and Services Tax  BGST Corrigendum in respect of Single Interface Order No.- 25/2018 06/12/2018
4  Goods and Services Tax  BGST Distribution of Dealers between State and Center Order No.- 26/2018 06/12/2018
5  Professional Tax  Miscellaneous Amendment in Schedule of Profession Tax SO-272 03/12/2018
6    Miscellaneous Pension Heldup of Shri Pawan Kumar,retired JCCT Notification No.- 6061 03/12/2018
7  Goods and Services Tax  BGST Corrigendum of rules 13th Amendment SO-274 03/12/2018
8  Goods and Services Tax  CGST Seeks to extend the due date for filing of FORM GSTR 7 for the months of October, 2018 to December, 2018 Notification No. 66/2018 Central Tax 03/12/2018
9  Professional Tax  Miscellaneous Provisions regarding deemed approval of registration under Professional Tax SO-273 03/12/2018
10    Miscellaneous Promotion of BFS Officer retrospectively Notification No.- 6017 and 6018 27/11/2018
11  Goods and Services Tax  CGST Seeks to exempt supply from PSU to PSU from applicability of provisions relating to TDS Notification No. 61 /2018 Central Tax 20/11/2018
12  Goods and Services Tax  BGST Bihar GST Rules 13th Amendment SO-267 20/11/2018
13  Goods and Services Tax  BGST Exempt Supplies from one PSU to another from TDS SO-269 20/11/2018
14    Miscellaneous Revised Punishment Communicated to Shri Abhimanyu Singh, retired ACCT Notification No.- 317C 20/11/2018
15    Miscellaneous Acquittal of of Reproceeding of Shri Raj Kishore Sah, then CTO, Danapur Circle Notification No.-318C 20/11/2018